Friday, May 20, 2011

Lock Down Your Computer Like the NSA

Here is an article from Lifehacker about how to secure your computer like the NSA. It links to the NSA web page with documents on securing Windows, Mac, Linux and Solaris.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Facebook leaked personal data to advertisers

According to this article, a vulnerability in some Facebook apps allowed third-party advertisers to access security tokens that act as a spare key to users' profiles, allowing them to read posts and access profile information.

While the article points out that the advertisers may not have known they had the ability to do that and Facebook has now fixed the vulnerability, those security tokens may still exist on third-party servers. To make sure you're protected, change your Facebook password.

Macs are not impervious to malware

This article in Lifehacker makes a very good point: As Macs capture greater market share, attackers have greater incentive to write malware that targets Mac OS.

Macs are not impervious to malware. The author predicts that it's only a matter of a couple of years until Mac users will need to get serious about protecting their Macs from infections.