Sunday, March 28, 2010

Google Wave

If e-mail was invented today, Google Wave is what it would look like.  It combines the best of e-mail, instant messaging and online collaboration into one tool.

I've used it to track information for a major project and collaborate/share with other people involved with the project.  It's great for collaborating on something as simple as a grocery list or as complex as planning a vacation.

Google Wave is vastly superior to ordinary e-mail and, if marketed and developed correctly, could eventually become more widely used than e-mail.  It is my hope that it does, because the current e-mail system is based on a protocol developed in 1982, before there was Spam.  It's a very trusting protocol, which is why fighting Spam is such a massive effort.  Google Wave fixes that problem and many more.

Right now it's in beta and not open to the general public.  However, I have some invitations left if you're interested in getting a Google Wave account.  Just let me know.

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